Best Saturday...with my new girlfriend!

On Friday night my hubby said for me not to make plans because we were having a date. You know I am not a fan of surprises because that means I have no control. Same reason why I don't like opening gifts in front of people. Scares me. ANYWAYS, so he didn't give me any clues although I tried to ask a million questions. We drove out to one of my favorite places--Leiper's Fork! If you drive too fast, you'll miss this quaint little quarter of a mile town in the middle of the country. Love, love, love it! We went and got a late lunch at The Country Boy Restaurant!

We ate lunch/brunch at 2pm. You can eat breakfast all day!

Today's lunch special--1 fried chicken breast and 2 sides. YES PLEASE! Oink, Oink...I got mash potatoes and warm apples
Steven and his breakfast foods...the Country Boy breakfast (eggs, bacon, biscuits, coffee, hash brown casserole and Arnold's famous gravy)
I get giddy over old fashion places.....how can you not love the cafe' bar!
It's a tiny red cafe' that's been around since the 1960's!
drink station
After lunch, we ran some errands. Remember-this is a date planned by my hubby! We pull into the nail salon in Franklin. I'm thinking he is looking for the old ice cream store which is no longer there. SURPRISE! We are going for pedicures! Steven goes through more expensive work boots than anyone I've ever known. Side story: these $200 work boots had a one year warranty/guarantee and he busted them in about 4 months. He is hard on his feet and has been saying for awhile that he wanted a professional foot massage.

So, we went and got pedicures together!

He seriously has the nicest guy feet/legs ever...and now they shine! Ha! He liked it so much, he said we would do it every few months!

I had a great Saturday afternoon! Thanks babes!

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