The family that paints together stays together!

Over Christmas break we painted the bonus room! It took awhile because 1. it's a large room and 2. it has lots of angles/corners/molding/ and skylights. At first Zane chilled on the junky couch.As soon as Uncle Justin came he was allllllllllllll for helping. He followed Justin and the ladder around the room.
The whole house is a soft white/yellow which is kinda an odd choice so we had to paint the ceilings too.

We're turning into a theater room and got another big flat screen and are working on surround sound. But, I'm having the HARDEST time ever finding a large, modern grey or charcoal colored L shaped sectional. I need help. We've been allllllllllllll over. Either they don't come in the color scheme family or they are too tiny.

Stay tuned for more pictures. I hung all my photographs up from Europe and our travels and the black frame/white mat images look great!

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