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Take it in stride, it's only TV!

I'm already tired of people being so up in arms that Brad got a second chance on The Bachelor. I've seen the blogs and topics on being astounded, shocked or disappointed in him. He's had nothing but bad publicity about not selecting a girl on his first season and it looks like it may haunt him this time around. Well, I say GO BRAD, you didn't commit or pretend to love someone for reality TV only to break up on the front of People Magazine the next week. SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless, but still loved, already announced who he selects via her facebook. :o) If you want to know too, Google Reality Steve Bachelor and it will tell you. You know I hate surprises so I read it too just like every other year.
Anyways, since I am on a roll, I'm excited to watch this season of Jersey Shore and fist pump solo from the comfort of my home. woo-hoo!

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  1. Long live reality TV! Ha, I'll be fist-pumping tonight right along with ya. :)


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