Blog challenge 12!

Blog about your favorite memory! Geeze, who can pick just one? I will narrow mine down to water experiences. I'm a great swimmer and love the water. My nose-plugging husband... not so much. Oh he loves it, he is just not good at things like swimming or even floating-he sinks. One of my favorite memories is when he broke his finger racing me in the pool. That was almost 6 years ago! Ultimately, my best memories are when we travel someplace new and I get to see it through his eyes. I'm lucky enough to have traveled each summer while growing up and while in college. I love, love, love culture and geography so it's always fun to view it through Steven's eyes for the first time.

Like watching him snorkel in St. Thomas in 2007

Or random photo's in the Caribbean-- I always wonder what he is thinking and really enjoy going places with him!

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