Ouch, Mama!!

Our dog has voices. There's just no doubt about it. I love to talk for him. I totally understand those big brown eyes and we love to watch him bob his head left/right/left/right over and over when we talk in voices! Ha! Anyways, he has been saying "ouch Mama it really really hurts" after his little surgery. He didn't eat, drink or get up from his pallet of blankets the next day. I'm not trying to be one of those weird dog parents, but have you ever lifted 76lbs. by yourself? It's hard and I worried for him! Surprisingly, he left his mini splint on for 2 whole days. It was hard like a cast on the outside but soft wrapped band aids on the inside. But, he is back in full force today!

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  1. aaaww...poor baby, what happen..what a sweet face...You have to love a boxer...can't imagine our lives with out our sweet Bud. Hope Zane is feeling better soon.


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