My sucky list!

I've been seeing a trend lately. Yep, everyone in blogfantasyland writes about things they are good at or good things that happen. You know you follow certain people because they are witty, crafty, and appear to have it all together. I know, I do it too. My friend LOMA says "if you have to SHOUT it, it probably isn't true." Where's the BIG, bad and ugly that make us human and bring us back to reality? So my friends...I bring you my sucky list. Because we all have one!

My sucky list:
* I can't peel oranges. It grosses me out and makes me feel dirty.
* I can't flip a pancake and keep it pretty!
* I'm a horrible paper gift wrapper. It frustrates me so I stick my stuff in bags.
disclaimer-sometimes I just call my mom because she is so awesome at it and I whine DO IT FOR ME....and she does it so nicely.
* I live for a junk drawer because I can't throw things away so I "hide" them.
* I'm the worlds worst paper filer both in my personal life and my classroom. I even tried cute file folders but I still suck.
* I suck at cleaning the shower. So, I try not to think about it often.
* I really, really, really, like to plan ahead so if I get off schedule due to other people, not myself, I have a hard time not feeling like i failed myself or let myself down. Like really, I think about it for long periods of time.
* I can't take naps or sleep in the day.
* I don't try things unless I know I will be successful at it.
* I have zero sports knowledge and I prefer to keep it that way.
* I don't have patience when people drive slow!
* I get mad when people do stupid things. I like to tell people too.
* I bite my nails.
* My skin is always dry and that sucks for me!
* I have black hair....which means lots of plucking, shaving, waxing, etc. (TMI? my bad)
* I'm bad at relaxing or sitting around. It bores me.
* I hoard cute stationery and note cards because I don't want to waste them.
* I hate talking on the phone but love, love, love talking in person. oxymoron, right?
So, what are your weird quirks? What should I add to my sucky list for those of you that know me so well?


  1. I like this idea...I'm stealing it :)

  2. I know lots of people that shout things! Ha!

  3. I loved this post! You are so real and funny! I agree I can't seem to throw anything away! I think I might do something like this! haha!
    I like your blog and am now following! I can't wait to read more posts!

  4. Cute post! I can't drive behind people who drive slow, either! I also really only try things when I know I'll be good. I should work on that (:
    Thanks for the comment on my post at Simplified Bee!


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