Blog Challenge 8- Celebrity Crush!

I'm not a player I just crush a lot blog post! Marky Mark- oh how I love thee! I love his defined features and voice! I love that he quoted "he'd have as many kids as his beautiful wife wanted" and so far they have 4. I have loved him since I was 13.
This picture is for you Ootie....look what I painted on his chest. :o) The movie FEAR made me love Mark!
I also love this guy-Channing Tatum. There is nothing better than a guy in a simple T shirt and a Yankee cap on. His wife is cute too!
I feel like he is a younger, fresh Mark. Maybe that's why I like him. I can't wait to watch him in the movie EAGLE coming out this month.
And then I still love Vince Vaughn. I love that he is tall, dark and totally goofy. He seems normal, down to earth, and who doesn't like to laugh? I will also see any movie he is in and Wedding Crashers hands down is still one of my favorite!
These are 3 of my favorite celebs, how about you?


  1. oh my gosh! so fine! haha:) love this! came to greet you and welcome you to FTLOB. feel free to link up wherever possible. i just welcomed you on twitter and if you are on there, add yourself to the tweet list so we can follow! enjoy the eve gorgeous:) xoxo

  2. oh yo * love me some Vince, too!


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