I am totally stealing this idea from Jenni. (thanks Jenni) I've listed 5 true/false things about myself. The answers might surprise you so go ahead and guess. I also want to tag Sarah, Laura and Ali in hopes that they too will play along! The answers are at the bottom...so guess away!

1. I have bungee jumped.
2. I've been a lucky Oprah audience member.
3. My hair is all mine-never colored or highlighted.
4. I sang Frank Sinatra LOVE on stage.
5. I've taken ballroom dance lesson.

*ha, okay I am so bad at this game. All of these are TRUE. I couldn't think of a good lie.
I bungee jumped in 2008
Won tickets to Oprah's movie showing INTO THE WILD in her private theater along with a the book in 2007
Sang on stage with my ZTA sisters in a competition where I had to play a freakin' man -Frank Sinatra!
My black hair is au natural, although people ask me what color I use.
I took ballroom dance lessons in 2004 with a guy friend. Random, I know.


  1. I am way too boring to play these games!! But I will forever be envious of your proximity to OPRAH! She's my favorite!

  2. okay what friend did you take ballroom dance lessons with? I don't remember this!


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