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You know those old parchment paper antique species charts? The ones used in ancient biology class? They are hard to find and typically tattered and torn. This is a reproduction of the papillions (butterflies). I REALLY REALLY want one with birds. Even if it is the same bird. I've googled but I can't find an authentic style one. I mean, if even if it's just the bird eggs that's cool too. I just do not want a white poster board. I want it to look old like it was truly used. Got suggestions? I've Googled every which way but can't find what I am really looking for. I got one similar to this picture above last weekend at an antique shop for $3.50. I need 2 more big ones but not butterflies.


  1. Have you checked on Etsy? Sometimes they'll have items like that! I know what you're talking about with the antique-y feel. I just love those old maps that our teachers would pull down in front of the chalkboard!

  2. Pretty print! Sorry I don't have any ideas for sources! Good luck finding them. And thanks SO much for the Nashville tips! They're great and I really appreciate it! I am even more excited to go now :) PS Looking at all the travel pics in your sidebar and it looks like you've been to some awesome places! I loved Rome :)

  3. I saw that you are looking for this and I just came across http://mrssouthernbelle.blogspot.com/
    Free bird egg print
    Hope this helps!!


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