A Whole Lotta Random....

Elvis-King of something or other....OMG one of the best desserts EVER! A bunch of us gals got together for Cindo De Marcho (made up of course, but it's smack in the middle of 2 special birthdays so we celebrated). We went downtown Nashville and dined at Bound'ry which was delish! The peanut butter/banana/chococlate/crunchy goodness was devine! ....next we did the Hustle and found this book. The book is technically postcards with major news or questions using cute animals to throw you off guard! Some were super horrible, but again, who can resist baby rabbit, kittens, puppies, monkeys, etc.

The basement is slowly coming along....

Remember this old door I painted a few weeks ago?
It's now a headboard one of the guest rooms!
...no, it's not done in any of these pictures but you get the idea. I got some quatrefoil/pattern bedding too!
The room colors are white, gray and light yellow. The room is done and ready for Sarah and Joe to sleep in on Friday! I'm just too lazy to take final pictures. L -A-Z-Y....
My sister sent me a super cute bird necklace in the mail today! Love it, love birds, nuff said!
Speaking of birds ( I found another bird plate for my kitchen last week) I love all the colors!

Also, the not so smart Bed Bath and Beyond employee might have accidentally clicked Happy Birthday for the card inside a mailed wedding gift instead of Wishing you a Lifetime of Happiness and Love. So....Ali, get ready for a little funny. I'm really excited to see if the guy was that "click happy" he messed up. Uh oh!


  1. I hope he did!! That would make my day! :-) I'm living at home for the week and my mom and I just oohed and aahhed over your headboard! We're very impressed!! Can't wait to see y'all this weekend!!!

  2. Brilliant idea w/ the door! I may use that one here shortly (and quite possibly the color scheme- i fell in love!)


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