Kids say the craziest things!

I teach, therefore I hear THE BEST comments every.single.day! You know we love to share the same stories over and over again and here are a few popular student quotes over the past 7 years that we reference. (A LOT)

" I like the way your face looks"  --student to teacher in a whisper voice

"adios douche bags" --innocently said to each student as they walked out the door. Yep, he thought it was good bye  in Spanish.

"Run like a predator is chasing you"  ...said to the slow kids as motivation.

"Stop looking at me with Tokyo eyes"...in an evil voice to the teacher  --um, what do Tokyo eyes look like?

"I don't believe in Leprechaun cuz I'm Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiistian."  (say in your best slang voice)


Just droppin' in? Yay, I {HEART} comments!