Bachelorette, My Style

I don't know about you, but when I watch Bachelorette I play as if I were in the game.  I like each one of these guys for different reasons.  
JP is my front runner. He is from NY (woo-woo). He seems confident and kind. I don't care that he is in construction...I like what he has to say when he talks and he seems to have a good spirit about him.

I like Jeff...in a weird way. I think it takes balls not showing your face. I realize he is trying to prove a point but sometimes it's worth giving someone a shot.  He has pretty eyes through his mask and he is confident in the fact that the mask would make the other guys dislike him.  He didn't care.  I liked that too.  I think his downfall might be that he would be stubborn.

But...what do I know!

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