Ode to Ootie!

What is an Ootie? Good ole Webster can't define it. But, it somehow came to fruition in Martin way back in 2000. Since then, calling Beth "Ootie" and vice versa has just stuck over the past 11 years.  In fact, one might have heard us  gangsta whistling calling  "Oooootie Oooooo" across campus.  Or not. 
UTM 2000

UTM 2009
Well, Ootie is expecting a baby boy, Brody, in July! 

  Here's her little frog prince shower theme.  It was SUPER cute! Her friends did a fabulous job.
These are the goodies from Monkey Bread Bakery (Memphis)
There was a huge frog balloon and goody bags filled with frog shaped cookies and little prince crowns. It was too cute!
Me & Sarah
A bunch of ZTA's came to celebrate--it was nice to catch up!
Nolan came to support Brody too!
Our traditional belly rub!
And everyone loves a baby in a giant pile of tissue paper!
Dear Beth, 
I know you'll be a great mom! I hope Brody has your sense of sarcasm, ability to work the room, and...um, vocabulary (hehe) along with Bill's head full of dark hair! I'm very excited to meet your little man.  I guess we can call you Ootie+1.

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