If you really knew me...

(Like the MTV show)
If you really knew me you would know....
1. I really enjoy being a helper.
2. I link all memories to a feeling. Always have.
3. I'm very visual. This is why I can stare at things for a long time--I'm saving it mentally or recreating it.
4. Words are powerful and I love quotes and deep thoughts.
5. I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to learn.  But you have to show me (again with the visual)
6. I have lots of patience with kids but not so much with adults.
7. I need to feel love everyday. 
8. Sitting around is extremely hard for me. I can't do it.
9. I'm incredibly sensative so I have a hard exterior at times. This is for my protection.
10. I don't cry often.
11. I have a big conscious/ inner moral code and I rarely allow myself to stray from it. 
12. I like to laugh, but I am not funny. I can't tell jokes.
13. I love history, especially Native American/Trail of Tears and WWII.  These are my favorite.
14. I've always wanted to have little boys and still do, someday.
15. I get spurts of energy or a wild hair to travel the world and run away. I'd be good at it. This scares me. Refer back to #11. This is why it never gets done.
16. My left eye gets teary when I feel sad for people, especially the young and extremely old. (which is often)
17. I've felt a higher presence guiding me twice in my life. I need to learn to listen.
18. I love driving and I play my music loud. I like the way it feels and drowns out my thoughts.
19. I'm not a nap kinda gal....maybe twice a year, if that.
20. I really am quite boring and routine. I'd be easy to stalk.
21. I'm always behind on technology and I hate gadgets. (no ipad, iphone, apple stuff, Wii, computer games, TV games, pocket electronics) I do not have any of this stuff.
22. THIS IS MY FAVORITE NUMBER IN THE WORLD.  I will love it forever, regardless.
23. I was very sad when I turned 20 years old.  Now, I'm about to be 30...life moves quickly and that scares me.
24. I get excited if someone leaves me a stick note, little messages, text messages, small things like that make me happy.
25. My biggest fear is that I will never make a difference or feel that I have a purpose.

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