Adios 2010, a year in review!

JANUARY 2010--went downtown with these fun ladies! Met a celeb who shall remain nameless and hung out with him all night!
Girls' weekend in Knoxville- turned into Guidettes- Sweet Sista Sarah and KPow

Posed for the camera for Ootie....
Just had fun together!
Thought about putting our house on the market. Insert big ?...what to do, what to do...
Went to Ohio!
Celebrated Steven's birthday!
Decided to put the house on the market on February 15th (Steven's birthday). It sold on March 14th--less than a month. We were beyond blessed!

MARCH- got a phone call that the house sold! This is a picture at the park when Steven got the phone call.
APRIL- we lived a part for the month. Zane and Steven at his parents and me living with mine. We had major house issues as in the people decided they wanted to stay another month and it pushed our closing a month behind. We didn't find this out until our move in date. Sadly, there is no place to go hotel wise when you have a big dog and our entire life was in storage. Yikes, it was stressful.

MAY- baby Molly Cate joined our world!
Zane turned 2! Little brother, Justin moved to South Carolina!
FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, moved into our new house after living a part for awhile!

JUNE- Enjoying the summer...found the best fried pickles around!

woo hoo, the girls came to visit!
yellow kitchen underway....
JULY- 4th anniversary!
Took Ari swimming!
restored this old buffet with my dad and used a lot of power tools!
House gets painted!
Stayed with my sister for 3 fun-filled days of shopping and she cooked for me!
4th of July with the E family
Trip to Atlanta with the girls! Met LOMA's family and bonded!
AUGUST- Our business turned 2 years old and is thriving!

Mary's birthday!
I FINALLY got my Farm table!
ehhhhh school started!!
SEPTEMBER- my dad came home from China.

Shower for LOMA and baby Grayson was born!

Baby shower with the girls for Natalie and baby Nolan!
I was told I needed carpal tunnel surgery...severely...didn't do it.

OCTOBER- Eastern Caribbean Cruise with Sarah and Joe!

NOVEMBER- turkey day with the family!
posed for family Christmas card pictures.
First Christmas in our new house.
Downstairs toilet flooded our wood floors--eeeekkkkk!
My sister came to shop with me for 3 days!
Turned 29.

Of course, if we're being honest here, a lot of crappy, horrible, bad, no good, things happened in 2010 too. But, who takes pictures of the ugly stuff? It was a really, hard year although you can't tell. I grew. I changed. I never cry, I cried. I learned a lot too. But, life moves on. I don't make resolutions...I just plan on having a better 2011 all around! I want to give more, love better and grow in every aspect! In 2005 when I met Steven and we were dating he told me he was going to make my 2006 year rock (random, but he said it a lot)...all I'm saying is 2011 has got to rock. I need a rockin' year!!

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  1. wow- whata great recap! You had a busy year!! I hope you have a rockn year in 2011!!

    PS Your wedding sounds amazing. 16 people honestly would be perfect. Ours in obviously larger but hopefully not too big!


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