On Tuesday my parents celebrated 36 years of marriage! What an accomplishment. I hope to hit that milestone someday.  They have been together since they were juniors in High School and got married on my moms 20th birthday. It was the only weekend free in my dads busy out-of-state college break/internship between Michigan and NYC that he was free. If you do the math that means  my momma turned  56 on the same day. (She looks good, huh?)

 My little brother lives out of state, South Carolina to be exact, so that means the plans were left to me. I took my parents out to dinner to celebrate. We sat next to some Titan player and his family. Of course the joke was dad and I paid the football player to sit by our table because my mom is a huge fan.  We did some shopping at the mall--ran into another Titan player.  (again, same joke)  Needless to say, we opened presents and enjoyed a nice meal.  I'm sending my parents to Arrington Vineyards for Jazz on the lawn, yummy wine and appetizers one night. 
Me and my mom with our infamous 'open window' pose. 

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  1. I'm really glad you're parents hooked up - otherwise I wouldn't have Ootie!!!


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