Dear Summer

Dear Summer,
It's no lie, you were kind of a pain this year. No consistency...and let's face it, I hate change and adjustment.    When one door closes another opens (or so they say). I don't even know who the people I'm referencing are, but if the saying is true I am so ready for some open doors. So adios summer, here's a recap of some good days! 

Thursday, pool day with Rice and Beans!
Ignore me and look at the cute girls!

 A healthy addition to the P family--baby Brody!
Found a gem at the flea market....this dresser, but wood, that I am re-purposing as a TV stand!  Oh, I got it for twenty bucks!!  

I did a lot more that I don't have pictures for! In no specific order....
*Karaoke with friends!
*Found a historic house in Franklin (before it went on the market) connected with the home owner and  found a buyer for it all in the same day.  woo-woo that was  big step for me! Sadly, I can not buy it, but my new flipping friend did.  So, now I'm psyched to see the renovations.
*Redecorate her living room in aquas and lime greens for only 100 bucks, but for some reason she hasn't blogged about it!
* Reconnected with lost friends of the past.
So, those were some highlights just to name a few. I'm ready to start class on Thursday!

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