Teacher Tuesday & Wednesday Combined

Sharing teacher Words of Wisdom for all the newbies

*Get to know your team it will make a world of difference.
*Work smarter not harder. 
*Use all the resources you can get--there are millions of great ideas out there! Use blogs, Pinterest, ask teammates, subscribe to all the free magazines and get a free account and read the teacher message boards.
* Have fun.  If you think it's boring the kids will think it's boring and you will not get the results you wanted.
* Drink coffee.
* Make a point to get to know each child, they will work for your love and praise! (most of them)
* Don't be afraid to get silly! 

Where it all goes down Wednesday!
Welcome to Mrs. Hicks' Monsters Inc.  
August 2011 (my sweet friend Angie's daughter is in my class)
I kept the same classroom theme as last year.
My Monster Helpers
 Monster Manners-making good choices. We move our stick kids using a stoplight system. This hangs on the back of my cubby door so it is not out for everyone to gawk at!
 My walls are painted blue and I have a 2 foot Monster hanging out at my word wall.

 Last years door.
 Monster border (it's called Furry Friends if you go to the parent teacher store)
 My  birthday chart.
You get the idea....

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  1. I honestly have to tell you, now that Miles is in 5th grade- that you were the best teacher he's had! Kind, fun & firm when needed! For me as a parent, you always kept a positive, approachable demeanor. I sure do miss that! :) Enjoy your new school year with all those fresh minds!


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