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I recently watched PIT BOSS with Shorty Rossi on Animal Planet. All I can say is WOW. Shorty is a little person and has a little person entourage who saves pit bulls. You know I luuurve my boxer, Zane. BUT I hate it when people assume he is a pit bull. Why? Because of the horrible stereotype that they will eat your freakin' face off. Also, Micheal Vick (boo) brought attention to TN and the world with his pit bull dog fights. Well, I have turned a new leaf. On the show, Shorty rescues these horribly abused pits that have fight wounds and it is amazing how gentle and loving they are. I guess what I am trying to say is any dog can be a product of its environment and if taught to fight they will fight. If taught to love, they will love. There is an interesting link of pit bull lovers and I've highlighted a few below.

Rachel Ray has a rescue named Isaboo Jessica Biel has a pit named Tina (and her b/f Justin Timberlake rocks 2 boxers...woo woo)
Helen Keller even used a pit bull for therapeutics...and had some as personal pets!

Other pit bull fans: Dr. Phil, Jamie Foxx, and Jessica Alba.
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