Walking in Memphis

I found my camera cord. Get ready!! I went to Memphis to visit my sister for 3 days. We went to the Beauty Shop for dinner. These are my Watermelon and Wings....it was amazing! Wings stacked high on top of 2 pieces of watermelon, cashews and this tangy sauce. Loved it!

Check out the awesome chairs you get to sit in!

We drove to Collierville to the little antique stores and town square. It was really cute. Along the way, we saw Allan from the Hangover! Yep, look closely, he is pumping gas. Totally looked like him!! Sadly, those are suspenders and not the baby in the Bjorn.

We went downtown Memphis to do some salvage and antique shopping. Look at the trolley and the Orpheum.
A little piece of heaven. Sarah took me to a historic mass salvage center. Rows and rows of doors, windows, corbels, knobs, architectural pieces, you name it, they had it!!

I was in heaven! Mepmhis has some amazing places the visit downtown. Sarah and I had blast just hanging out and talking. We can talk for hours and not get bored. Sometimes we tell the same stories over and over but they never get old. I had a great time!

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  1. Good Times :) I'm waiting for you to tell me that ya'll are coming on a cruise with us....



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