Curtains, Living Room and Banana Pudding?

Nope, I do not have a communicable disease...it's a safety mask since I am possibly working with lead based paint (but it wasn't) and so I wouldn't breath the dangerous fumes while sanding that good ole' 5x3 ft. window I showed you many posts ago. Zane says hi in the background. This baby took F-O-R-E-V-E-R.... say it like they do in the movie The Sandlot. Remember the many coats of white previously? Well, this is what it looked like after sanding it with a gigantic sander several times. It still wasn't done. It was also hellaciously (word?) dusty. But, I wanted it to work.
After much sanding, sweating in the sun, cleaning and magical Windex my dad is putting it up for me! Check out his still bummed leg.

and VOILA! It's now located on the small/short wall in my living room. I know it's kinda boring around it but I have more ideas for decorations and I can't wait to get my super fun, colorful pillows that BKJ is giving me. Pillow pictures later, they are from Pier 1 Import. Remember the curtains I said I got from IKEA?

Those are my IKEA curtains people.... twenty bucks and I love them. I think they look better in person. Also bought the curtain rods this morning from Target on sale for a whopping $8.99 each. They are square, wrought iron black. Good deal.view from the main living entrance minus my pillows (shot straight into the deck, sorry) view from the kitchen hall

I wanted my walls and surroundings to be neutral so my pillows and accessories can POP! On top of doing the curtains and wall, walking the dog, going to Target I grocery shopped. Made my FIRST banana pudding too. Now before you gasp.
1. you know pudding qualifies as a swallow food and I am not into swallow foods
2. you know I don't eat whip cream and you people usually smother it in whip cream
3. (I made it better minus the whip cream woo woo)
Sorry the triffle bowl is fogged from being in the fridge

I forgot to show you previously....don't look at the decorations just the antique chest piece.This is the entry way for right now. My dad bought this piece for me at the Nashville Flea Market in June. It needed no work....just a little bit of min wax polish and a good cleaning!

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  1. Everything looks great sister!! I LOVE the window :)


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