Travel time!

In 2003 my sister and I had a wild hair...for some reason we are both super type A control freaks but when we get together we can be spontaneous. It's odd how it works, but it just totally works. So, we're sitting around in our college apartment and we just decide to randomly go on a cruise together. Yep, in a matter of a few hours we had the idea and then had it booked. We didn't tell our boyfriends, parents or anything, we just did it. Off we went two weeks later... We got ourselves to New Orleans and then honestly carted all our luggage from downtown New Orleans to the docks in the rain! Fun fact: we toured the first Real World house while there!
Here we are outside our dining room for dinner. We got to sit with the Isley brother look alike and we have ON VIDEO, me singing "your contagious, touch me baby, give me what you got" over dinner, apparently I had a whisper voice then! (that is also the R. Kelly/Isley brothers song) Dude had a full on red suit, rat tail, the works. We also hung out with some rich kids from Rice University, acted out 90's skits on stage, and totally tripped on the cobblestone sidewalk in Cozumel....while on video.
Do you think I look pale? haha We went on a catamaran out to Sting Ray Island to swim with the sting rays. It was amazing, they are incredibly soft and smooth to touch. However, being on the little boat made me completely sea sick. I had my head in my lap gagging and needing to throw up after an hour. Sarah wouldn't stop video taping me! I have never felt so sick or looked so hideous! It was still lots of fun.
Now, we've gone on multiple trips since 2003 but never as a foursome with our hubbies. It's about time, right? Sarah had been asking us to go all out one last time before we have kids and I kept telling her no. Secretly, I had been searching for a cruise ship, bon voyage type card to mail her announcing we'd be going. Even her hubby was in on it. Needless to say, she got the card today which is why I can blog about it. It worked out perfectly because she's had a rough week! I'm so ready for the fun and know we'll get along great! The boys will deep sea fish while we shop and lounge! I'm looking forward to the vacation, spending time with fun friends and making memories. We also have some other fun, secret shenanigans up our sleeve. :o) I can't wait, let the count down begin!

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  1. That cruise looks like so much fun! I have never been on a cruise!
    PS Your comment made me SO sosuper excited for you! I want to get a tattoo so badly! I love that you are getting it at Miami INK! you have to le3t me know when you do it and post pics!!!! :)


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