Almost Famous

So, it's no secret that we do lots of movie/dinner dates. I love the movies and we haven't gotten to spend too much time together lately. So, Sunday we went to see THE OTHER GUYS with Mark oh so yummy Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, The Rock, Michael Keaton, Damon Wayans, Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendez. It was a great, funny movie. (ya didn't know all those celebs were in the movie, huh?)

hello lover!

Well, backtracking a little remember when we went to Las Vegas in November? They were filming a movie. The Vegas strip was closed off for 1/4 of a mile on both sides and you couldn't cross the street. Word on the street, it was Will Ferrell. So, after lots of waiting around and talking to fellow tourists, we snapped some pictures and were on our way. These are my pictures below. You can't see the green screen but you can see the producer, camera, staff, etc.

Um hello!!! Turns out this is the main car in the movie....driven by Will Ferrell. GASP! You know I used my best whisper voice to announce to my husband "that's the movie they were filming!" I was so excited. Now, if only I had heard Marky Mark was in Vegas too. Then I would have stood in the hot sun a lot longer hoping to catch a glimpse.

No spoiler here, but the car is supposed to be towed. Go see the movie! It's funny, has a lot of one liners and lots of celeb cameos.


  1. oh good. i'm glad the movie went over well and you didn't leave 20 minutes into it. Maybe robert and i will watch it while in dc. I didn't know all those celebs were in it either. wow!

  2. So being sick leads to blog stalking people.. lol.. I didn't know you liked Marky Marky.. I totally saw him at Jasons Deli in Franklin a few years ago. I will have to tell you the story at school this week. He is short but HOT!! :)


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