Summer Recap

This summer brought about a lot of changes in our household. Although change can be hard, it's necessary for growth. Besides moving into our new house and furnishing it, here are a few pictures to recap the summer in no specific order:

The baby, my brother, moved to South Carolina for a new engineering job.
Avonlea turn 1! Visited my sister and bonded in Memphis!
Celebrated 4 years of marriage! Lost/gained teammates at work

Zane turned 2 (yeah, we celebrate)

Babies were born and friends became pregnant too!

(little Miss Molly Cate and baby Grayson hidden in this picture)

Celebrated 10 years of friendship with these awesome ladies and my ZTA sisters!

Pool dates with Arianna and watched her drink her first milkshake

Spent time with new couples

found a place that serves awesome fried pickles!

Lots of things both big and small happened this summer. These are just the ones I had pictures of. Now, it's back to the reality of early morning alarm clocks and schedules. I'm ready to meet my new little faces for the 2010 school year and look forward to the fall!


  1. I will be checking out that fried pickle place for sure- I'm addicted.

  2. cute pictures of Avonlea and Arianna.


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