My Dad is loving China! He is there for only 2 more weeks. He said it's unbelievably clean and the people are so nice. He LOVES the food. This is a picture he sent us of a restaurant inside a cave. There are no menus. You walk up to a million fresh fish tanks loaded with everything from eel to shrimp. Then, below the glass tank, there are pictures of the dish choices. So, if you go to a shrimp tank below there might be an image of a plate with shrimp, rice and all the sides. You point to what you want and it is made fresh! This cave was an expensive restaurant so they're not all like that. The girl in the green is Lydia! She is with my dad 24/7 as his personal assistant and translator. She is 28 like me and lives away from her husband. Her job is extremely important and an honor to her family. It's funny because we all want to know what China is like and then everyone in China wants to hear about me and my brother.

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