Loma and Grayson

Saturday we celebrated baby Grayson! Neither Ben or Loma have family here so the grandmas-to-be co-hosted a local shower. (okay, a lot of people came, but these ladies are my favorite) You may recognize bloggers The Eddy Family, me, Moments with the Mays and Cleared for Takeoff. The moms did an awesome job with the food table. The shrimp dip, not picture, was super!

petite fours from Ben's hometown

Grayson is set for life...or at least the first year! He got so many gifts!

cute party favor cookies (same Alabama bakery)

super cute lime and navy monogrammed diaper bag

watching Loma open presents can be exhausting...

We loved watching Jack prance around a baby....he wanted to play with her! Guess it's a good sign for baby Grayson!

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