....I've been super busy. I changed my classroom theme (again). I've had safari/jungle, Hollywood, camping, and now Monsters! Not scary monsters, but the cute, furry friends from the Parent/Teacher store. This is my helper board.
I got a whole set of Monster Manners and they came with pictures

The front class door

My behavior plan and monster manners around it

big red monster for my word wall

Monster borders

monster birthdays

curtain fabric
Avonlea turned one and had a ladybug theme birthday!

I think Ellie is saying "go girl, it's your birthday"

walking in her ladybug gear
some crafty cupcakes in the shape of a ladybug and the birthday table

big sister and me...for some reason we said cheese and she covered her ears
having a ball

ladybug cupcakes close up. Look at the cute plates we found at the flea market in the background.

Farm table came!!!!!! (ignore the mess)

Love the color!
It was SUPER heavy

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  1. Hi Sister!! Love the new blog header!! Did Katie make it for you? Also, the farm table looks great!


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