I've got quirks, we all do, but sometimes our quirks are embarrassing....to us or others. So, here are mine.

I embarrass my friends (Loma and Mary mostly) all the time because I know someone everywhere we go. But, it's not like I just know them, I remember what they wore in 1996 and where they sat in class. I can't forget. I don't know how I remember, but I visually can flash back to any date and time. I've always been able to do this. My mom is amazed at my childhood memories. I typically remember what you wore when we first met too.

I try to leave the house organized. This consists of NOTHING on the counter top in the kitchen except a tiny corner for mail. UGH, I hate when people have a million appliances on the counters. It stresses me. I also fluff all pillows, straighten the remote and make sure there is tons of light. It makes me feel better.

I go places solo. Often. I love to be with just myself, inside my own head, doing my own thing. It's very therapeutic. I realize this hurts peoples feelings but it is not personal. So, when I go to the mall, shop, run places, try new things, or go to the flea market don't be offended. I'm 100% content with being with myself.

I never make lists or write things down on paper or stick notes. In fact, I don't even have a planner. GASP! It's in my head and it works because like i said, I can see it when I need to.

I say words weird. Anything with short "a" sound HONEST TO GOODNESS I have to focus on it to say it correctly. My mouth does not work that way. Only my co-workers bring this to my attention. For example: bag=bage, dragon- dreygon, price tag- price tage. I turn it into a long vowel. As far as I know, it's only with short a sounds.

There is a weird place in my heart and you may hear me say that hurt my heart or it made my left eye cry. If I get emotional, my left eye will feel it first and it tears up easily.

I love quotes. I am a horrible writer. When I read a quote and it touches me I get invigorated.

I fight myself. My thoughts are always in turmoil between responsibility/normal and being a free spontaneous person. For example: the American dream, beautiful house, 2.5 kids, fence and a dog I think I want all those things because you're supposed to want want those things. But, I also love living on the edge and feel that I could settle in Africa, the Caribbean, or Europe, wear organic t-shirts and experience culture first hand while making a difference. I guess I want both and I'm not sure how to make that work.

Wow, my list goes on... maybe later!


  1. what was I wearing when you met me??

  2. robert and randy think that of me as well the knowing people thing. everywhere we see someone i know and i have to say hi. doesn't matter. never knew about your left eye chica. :)


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