Everybody Get your Troll on...

Yes my friends, I stole that from a rap song... For my faculty  friends Halloween party we dressed up as Treasure Trolls. 

 You know, those little crazy-haired, jeweled belly trolls that were SO popular back in the day? I remember clearly standing in front of the Troll aisle in 4th grade and I couldn't decide which outfit I wanted for my troll.  Also, I was picky on the shape of the jewel. (imagine that)  
So here we are, modified human trolls.
Hawaiian Troll, Pajama Troll, Ballerina Troll

We rubbed our jeweled bellies and made tons of faces.  When I said we had to modify our outfits it was due to the weatehr-36* outside.  We had tan body suites but it was waaaay too cold.  So we had to improvise a bit and put some clothes on.
BB even bought a fake belly online to give her troll a gut! 
Trolls and a flapper

Scary Gal
I managed to miss half the people in the pictures. Sorry friends!  
The entertainment
The night was freezing but the friends were fun! 
I danced like Ronnie from Jersey Shore and amazingly enough, the Hawaiian troll could fist pump.  I may have even bumped jewels with BB as Poonjab (Angie's hubby was an Indian not pictured) videoed the whole thing. ha!

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