Flash back Friday (homecoming weekend)

 Last weekend I drove to good ole' UTM for homecoming weekend.  It coincided with my sororities 50th anniversary  on campus.  Nope, I didn't go to a football game.  I kicked off the weekend by meeting my sister and friends for dinner and then going to Pyramid.
 Um, yeah...the ATO were the best. 
 The Pikes looked like Napoleon Dynamite!
 We went to the ZTA Crown Ball Banquet

portraits over the years
 It's hard to believe that 11 years ago I met my roomies, my girlfriends for life!
 hard to believe we are all close to 30 or over 30!
Now my sister is having a little Zeta legacy
 I spent the rest of the weekend loving on this little man.  You want to talk about an active, perfect, happy little boy?  Well, look no further!
 We smile, sit up, stare, wiggle our arms, kick our legs and love to people watch...and we're only 2 months old! Brody is a perfect baby and I loved watching my Ootie take on the role of Mommy!

We had a great weekend and look forward to our BIG girls' weekend in November with the rest of our crew!


  1. Awww can't wait to meet little Brody and so sad that I wasn't able to be there. Can't wait to catch up in November!

  2. Ahh thanks Ootie! He is a little charmer. Like Mary said LLB "Ladies Love Brody". I'm glad you have faith in my mothering skills - trial and error all the way. B loves his Auntie K!!!


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