What I'm Lovin' Wednesday-bathroom edition

So, my friends make fun of me because I put Bath and Body lotion on my face. I am just not good with products...for my face. This is something I have done since I was in high school. But, never fear...I'm about to be 30 so I am taking charge of my skin. These are a few products I love, love, love, love and have used for awhile.
This soap will make you enjoy washing all 2000 of your body parts. I love the oatmeal and ginger. The bar is huge, organic, lasts forever and is not tested on animals. I am not much of a tree hugger, but I love this soap.
I also love the Trader Joe NOURISH shampoo and conditioner.  It too is organic, no chemicals, not tested on animals, lasts forever, and it makes my hair soft.  The conditioner is wonderful too.  I've used these for almost a year.
Lastly, I use Too Faced bronzer from Sephora.  It's not organic, but I like it.  Again, I am not a product person but once i find something I like I'm sold!  Right now you can Google Sephora "friends and family" and get 20% off your online order immediately with a free access code.  I just stocked up on a few products.

Oh, and Vera Wang changed my opinion on all perfumes.  Normally, they give me a raging migraine. But not Vera Wang- Lovestruck.  It's fabulous! I may or may not have gone to get free samples from Macy's and Sephora and made my sister do the same while she was in town.  You can never have too many free samples of it! Love it.

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