Quick Vent...then on to the next one!

*Why does FB have to constantly change? I hate the new FB and am thinking of deleting it.  
*How come Pinterest decided to update too, changing the formatting and photo opts? 
Coincident, I think not! I hate that kind of change.
* I have this spot that keeps coming back on my chin area...just wait for the pictures.  It's like dry skin, it cracks, then teases me that it's a pimple, (it's not though) can you grow new moles?  I can't stop poking, prodding and irritating it. This has never happened before.

am done

* I'm looking forward to my weekend with half the girls! (Natalie and Stunner we will miss you)

It's my first time to see her belly and chat to little Sally!

I'm excited to watch Kim & Kris: inside the wedding premiere 

I'm ready to get my .....wait for it....
1 day off for Fall Break!!  Yep, uno, one.single.day. A Monday none-the-less. But, I will take it!


  1. I know I hate the new FB too! So sad I won't be there this weekend but have fun!


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