Please, No Pictures!!

It's no lie, I love the Amish.  When I was little I asked my dad to send me to Amish camp.  Yep, at the ripe ole age of almost 30 I'm still fascinated by their homes and lifestyles. A few years ago when I went with my VM's, Mary took a picture of a little boy.  He then yelled " Please, no  pictures" because they are forbidden to be on camera and that is the same reason their dolls do not have faces.  So, out of respect, I didn't take any pictures of the children.  I just stalked their homes...

 and their laundry...
 watched the mom get the mail
 bought peanut brittle

Got some wonderful pumpkins and gourds for .50 and $1.00--totally worth it for the unique ones! 

 Even B's "baby doll" gave the Amish two thumbs up! We enjoyed our day with the girls!

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