Happy Halloween from Zane!

 Mommy got a little carried away while putting away laundry on Sunday night.  So, I may have gone a little psycho extreme and put Zane in a bunch of my clothes.

First up, we have THINK PINK, Breast Cancer Awareness Zane, Mr. Pink Riding Hood

Gangsta Zane --Zane rocks a chain
Zane's Secret  (Victoria ain't got no secret)
Jay Zane --Zane rocks a Yankee throwback
Where's Waldo Zane, Camouflage Z
Zane- Hide Yo' Wife, Hide Yo' Kids

Frog Zane...for some reason he enjoyed tossing my wig and then frogging with his face buried in it.  Oh well.

  He was such a champ, I swear he was saying more, more, more, Mom! I love my boy.


  1. hahaha LOVE the hide yo' wife hide yo' kids - Zane is a supermodel!

  2. I love that he just sits there....like when I put a scrunchie on his face :)


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