Christmas-- how do you give?

Are you sitting down? I hope so because this year we're totally revamping Christmas! Yep, we are not spending money on every.single.person like we do every.single.year. I think my list of people consisted of 18 last year. That is sick! Why? Because I have no family in TN and I have no family to spend money on so who does it go to? Too many people. Little gifts here and there add up. So, we're not doing it. We aren't spending as much money on postal fees as we do the gifts. It's a vicious cycle of you bought me a gift, now I hunt for a gift for you and so on. You have to admit, you do it too. This is very hard to say:

We're not giving Christmas gifts in the form of money gifts.
(insert gasps, comments, sighs, screams, disgusted faces)
We're giving our TIME!!!
Yep, my husband is totally down for this too. Not just any time but quality time. We're giving of our self instead of our wallet. We feel it's one of the greatest gifts.

We're going to donate our time to a food pantry, Christmas fundraisers, Room at the Inn and things of that nature that benefit people and make a difference.

This is where you come in. We need your help and suggestions! Is there a volunteer group, charity, or special holiday event that needs help? WE NEED DETAILS! So far, I haven't heard anything at church but if you know, please email me at Kristy(dot)Hicks(at)hotmail(dot)com

Wanna take the challenge? Let us know, we can do it together!

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  1. I think you should donate your time to a charity in Botswana, Africa. ;)


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