This Thanksgiving my brother came home from South Carolina....with the turkey in hand! We deep fry the turkey--it's the best thing ever! No, it is not crunchy like KFC, the skin is cooked and the inside is moist, tender, and perfectly protected due to the frying on the outside. You do have to inject it with your favorite spices. Delish! These are the only pictures I have on my camera.
Steven looks funny... Me and Justin (nope, I didn't dress up, it's only my family and it was 74 out)
Dutch Apple Pie--I made it! Yummy cinnamon, sugar, crumble topping!

...and for the first time ever in our 5+ years we did not go to any of the H side of the family because the times coincided

And I did not do black Friday shopping because I am not on the hunt for any goodies.

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  1. I like your shirt. Where did you get it? Also, you look like you've lost weight!


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