Road Trip Anyone?

Do you ever wonder what the airlines do with all the left over luggage and items? Well at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama they stock 7,000 unclaimed items DAILY according to the website www.unclaimedbaggage.com . Oprah called it one of the best kept secrets! I totally want to road trip one weekend to Scottsboro, Alabama and hit up the airport goodies left behind. They say you can purchase lost treasures from around the world and have great stories of amazing finds such as emerald diamonds found in a pocket and $500 cash found in a Barbie head! Of course, they have sunglasses, clothing, cameras, jewelry, and junk too! You know how much I love rummaging through junk! Anyone up for a Saturday trip?

On a side note OKLAHOMA I will post my pictures and dinner recipes later....giving you full credit of course! I am just too lazy to load pictures. :o)

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