LOVE this book!

Today I read my FAVORITE book Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies. I love this book...and love teaching anything about bats. Why? Because it is my pet peeve that the only thing kids think they know about bats is "they suck your blood." Hate, hate, hate when they say that. So, I force this wonderful book on them because I love it! I mean, come on moon-tan lotion and bugmellows? How can you not enjoy the wonderful words and awesome illustrations!
Quick, call out! Tell all you can reach: the night is just perfect for bats at the beach! ( I love how it all rhymes too)

Another good one is Bats at the Library! Well, I'm so excited because now the 2010 book is Bats at the Ballgame. So, if you see it scoop it up for me! I have many more books that I hoard...and may share at a later date.

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  1. That's sooo funny! I read that book today too!


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