Ya know I am NOT a baker but I do love to cook new dinner recipes. We eat a lot of fish/seafood at my house. It's not unusual to eat tilapia, salmon (my fav.) grouper, shrimp, crab cakes, etc. Lately, I've been searching for some EASY more meaty recipes. I've followed Amanda at Our Oklahoma Nest ( http://www.ouroklahomanest.com/) for awhile. Who knew, she also has a recipe blog! So, I jotted down the ingredients I needed and boom! I followed 3 of her recipes last week and spoke with her over email. Of course I had to tweak them to our needs but click the link for her yummy recipe blog. www.pieceofcakerecipes.blogspot.com
1. Hobo Dinner --this is the EASIEST meal and it's yummy too.
1 lb. of beef (we use organic turkey)
1 bag of sliced carrots
1 bag of tiny yellow potatoes that are already peeled. It's worth the $4.65 a bag to not have to peel
1 whole onion sliced into rings
salt and pepper to taste
drizzle with olive oil
aluminum foil and wrap
**ours made 4 Hobo meals
bake at 400 for 45 minutes
the meat patties are on the bottom and NO you do not have to cook them beforehand so it's so easy. The whole meals is steamed and delish!

4 little hobo meals.....steamed to perfection!


I made homemade cornbread with this too and Steven loved it.

2. Pepperoni Poppers
2 packages of crescent rolls (following baking directions)
pepperoni (or topping of choice)
shredded cheese of choice
Again, super easy!

3. Jumbo Stuffed Italian Shells

1 lb ground beef (I use organic turkey as we do not eat much hamburger meat) On this one you DO have to cook the meat beforehand
1 lb cottage cheese
Jumbo shells (ya do have to cook these like the box says)
6 oz. of shredded spinach leaf lettuce
fresh pepper to taste
salt to taste
1 cup onion diced teeny tiny
1 cup Parmesan cheese
drizzle olive oil
grated Parmesan or mozzarella cheese
1 large spaghetti sauce of choice
**** I had to change a few things but these are all the ingredients I used.
bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes

meat and ingredients before loading the shells
promise, these are the jumbo shells

row 1 down

every row done, sauce on, little cheese on top

Voila! This dish made a lot so we'll eat on it twice. I'd make garlic bread and a side salad too!
So, there you have it.Three yummy meals. This week I am also making my stuffed tilapia and a new chicken recipe.
If you want specifics click Amanda's recipe blog or email me. Thanks for sharing Amanda!

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