Why I Rock!

You know me well if you answered yes or nodded to 15 or more of these...
* I don't eat at Cracker Barrel.
* Green has always been my favorite color.
* I say CAR-mel for caramel, PEE-can for pecan, and BAGE for bag (amongst a whole bunch of other funny ones). That's just how I roll, err my my mouth rolls.
* I have never colored my hair and don't plan on it anytime soon!
* The numbers 17 and 22 pop up in my daily life and are my favorite numbers. I go a few steps beyond that when booking hotels/cruises/flight numbers I try to get those numbers somehow.
* I love cheese. (take that Sister Sarah)
* Bodily functions don't scare me or gross me out except when it's thick, green, nasty snot from a kids nose and then I start to dry heave uncontrollably.
* I've bungee jumped!
* I enjoy wiping down my kitchen counter tops in the morning and before bed.
* When I was little I asked to be sent to Amish camp instead of summer camp. (Dad let me down when he told me there was no such thing) These people fascinate me!
* I drive by sight/memory and once I go somewhere I can always find my way again.
* I do not write anything down. No stick notes, journals, notebooks, calendars, nothing! It's all in my head.
* I'm not a fan of musicals.
* In middle school I paid to get ONE fake finger nail put on only so I could see what it feels like and bite it off!
* I'm horrible at filing papers and important mail.
* I have my boy/girl nurseries picked out and they do not involve pink or blue!
* Antiques make me so happy! I love anything made out of wood.
* I have NO real talents.
* I'm totally content to people watch ( like at the mall) and observe how people interact when they think nobody is watching.
* I never wear a watch but am always aware of the time.
* I'm a huge fan of family traditions!
*I turned 25 in Paris which was amazing!
(You're super smart if you realized I got stumped on the 22nd * haha)
What makes you rock???

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