Hanging with Rice and Beans

On Wednesday night Esther and I trucked it to the boro to hit up Old Time Pottery! They were having a sale that ended at closing and her dream lanterns were on sale- the large one was only $13.99. They are equally as cute as the Pottery Barn ones for 75% of the price. (large one at Pottery Barn was $99.00)
We had fun shopping! Since Steven is an avid hunter we thought it was only appropriate to take a picture with the tacky $39.99 large buck and $29.99 small one. Hideous!!! The caption was going to read "if I can get a buck so can you" but he did get his 8 point buck early Saturday morning. Timing fail! It was only fair that Beans hold the tiniest deer!

We spent 2.5 hours in the store....walking and shopping!

We tossed the girls into the giant pillow display....multiple times!

So happy that her momma got her Pottery Barn look-a-like lanterns!

I got a few miscellaneous things....still couldn't find any cute dining room Christmas chargers. Sadly, we did not see Beeeeeeeently either! :o)

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