The Fun Tree vs. The Family Tree

The fun tree a.k.a. the 5 ft. fiber optic white tree with white lights! It's at the top of the stair landing. It's full of vibrant color--turquoise, lime, hot pink, sparkles and wispy garland.

Look at Punky....snuggled by the tree. He drags his blanket around.
This is our family tree. It's an 8 ft. thick bruce pine ( I think). It's red, gold, silver and white. I grew up with commemoration ornaments. That means for each year you get an ornament for something you did during the year. My parents tree is full of our ornaments so I wanted to start that tradition too and do this for my future kids. Of course, we don't have that many because I want them to match the color scheme but these are a few: This is my German Genobel tree topper. My parents have had theirs for almost 36 years! I didn't want an angel or star I wanted to follow this tradition since I am half German.

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