Holiday Dining

I like red....I know now a days people are hyped about the trends such as purple, peacock feathers, black & white, etc. but I love red during the holidays! I always change out my entrance way candles...simple 6 inch sparkle snowflakes. Nothing fancy! I was very indecisive about my dining room table. So, I went with red and white! For $7.00 I made everything myself or had these items around the house. First, I stopped in at HobLob and bought some sparkle stems and wispy floral arrangement decorations. Regularly 13.50 total but I got it all for $6 bucks. Coupons!

I have many apothecary jars at home and I already had red bulbs! Score! I filled the jar with my bulbs and placed my whimsical stuff as needed.

Ta-da!! It's actually pretty big and unique....I stacked it on top of my glass cake stand to had height!

Another view. I couldn't find a table clothe that I was in love with....so I scored a roll of red and white diagonal candy cane like striped wrapping paper! I measured it, folded it, and voila....simple, easy, and goes in the trash at the end of the month.

Keeping it simple I used my silver chargers, white large wedding plate and white soup bowls. Then, I put different ornaments in each bowl. (take off the hanger)

...and again at night!

Simple and easy! Cheap enough that if I change my mind it won't matter next year.
P.S. notice the chairs are still not in. :o( I've been promised they'll arrive in March!
Stay tuned for my trees....

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