Surprised on the 29th for my 29th!

So, I seriously have the best friends around! We got a big screen for the bonus room and have been trying to stream Netflix along with the surround sound and were lacking a cord. I was supposed to meet my hubby at Sam's Club at 6pm to get the cord. Steven was running late. I was starving!! I wanted to get an icee and a hot dog but didn't want to be eating alone so I only got an icee. So, here I go, happy girl (oink oink) drinking a coke icee and shopping in Sam's. I'm walking around the store and I hear "hey" and look up to see 3 familiar hotties coming my way. I was NOT even thinking about my birthday...I think I asked what they were actually up to. Surprise, we are taking you to dinner to celebrate! They had worked it out with Steven and told him to inconvenience me and get my to the mall area. Thank goodness I showered because I had been painting the bonus room with my dad all day! I was totally caught off guard and surprised!
We went to Molinaro's! (similar restaurant to where we eat when we go to ATL)
It's delish!
sugar to make lemonade
AMAZING garlic rolls drenched in butter
beets in the salad...ehh not so much
ending the night with a gangsta grill "call the jewelry store and tell 'em make me a grill" compliments of LOMA. It really has little diamonds/designs and is strawberry flavored-ha!
I know I have a hard shell but I am a big softy on the inside and I was totally surprised and touched that you all secretly planned something fun for my birthday! I love you VM's!

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