Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Last night middle Tennessee turned into a winter wonderland starting at about 3pm. We were headed to an afternoon movie and literally saw 2 cars in the ditch. We decided to turn around and do the next best thing-Krogering! Steven said we should just redbox it tonight and cook a bunch of fun foods. By the time we got out of Kroger it took us almost 30 minutes to go 2.5 miles. We saw 3 wrecks, 2 cars in the ditch and even a 4-wheeler trying to help a vehicle that was sideways. It was insane! This is our house at 5pm.

everything is covered and now it's sleeting
this is about 7pm....look at Zane's footprints and the window sill---probably 2 inches. No school today and I bet we'll be out tomorrow!
We baked sausage balls for the week, spicy chicken wings, and cookies!

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