Our Christmas Recap!

Here's a quick view of our Christmas. We have to split the night between families on Christmas Eve. While my family (Catholic) is at church...we hit the Hudgins side of the family and eat dinner with all of them! FYI, I only take pictures of me/my family side stuff just for private purposes. Anyways, so at 8:30pm we meet at my parents house. Since we moved to TN my mom ONLY cooks this dinner on Christmas eve. We eat very non traditional, shrimp, crab, hor d'oeuvres, my mom's famous pizza dip, finger foods and sweets! Then, we open presents! My parents go overboard on Christmas and are extremely giving! We get everything we want/need/and then some!

Just a funny...this stool was made for me (by Sister Sarah) in 2000 and my mom uses it to put stuff in the stockings every year.

inside joke with the boys

Look at Solomon...he just has to be on someones lap!
Ha- Steven isn't near as happy as I am about getting all the Pier One Import pillows (as previously seen in other posts).
So, after midnight on Christmas Eve we head home...
We wake up Christmas morning at our house. Zane....checking out the morning snow.

Steven slept in and then made his wonderful sausage balls for breakfast.
Since we have a huge Christmas with our family we just did stocking stuffers-small stuff for one another. I made him some "night deer prints" for the office. His favorite color is blue and these are actually painted on newspaper so they are neat. I painted the little one on the left.
He also got a magazine subscription.
Our BIG gift was a 50 inch flat screen 79808069594934 HGTV, Hertz, High def, whatever it's called for our bonus room.

He spent the day hooking up the DVD player, awesome surround sound and fixing the color. We're excited to spend time in this room....lounging!!
He gave me a pedicure, sweet card, and even Zanie Wanie wrote me a letter! After Christmas morning at home we're off again!
We headed to Murfreesboro to the other H side of the family for Christmas dinner. We also came home and watched Funny People with Adam Sandler. FYI, it's not funny!
Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas with your families! I may or may not write about all our fabulous gifts later!

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