ICE, ICE, Baby!

I went sledding! Yep, the wooden sleds with metal blades, the kind that literally flies through ice and snow! Robert and Esther picked me up (S was sick) and we went to the historic battlefield site off Kedron and met their in-laws. Who knew that hill was SO high! At the top, a view of Spring Hill and an old cannon. We stayed a little over an hour--it was cold! We also had 6 adults and 1 toddler sharing sleds. Too bad we didn't have a ski lift to make the process move faster. We had lots of fun though! this is only the half way up point!

There were quite a few people already there!

Arianna LOVED it and kept saying she was cold but wanted more. Thanks old man winter! I haven't been on a sled since the early 90's! (I think)


  1. jealous! love the new header! picnik?

  2. Yes, took me 2 hours to play around with all the details and do it. Of course I was researching how to install HTLM fonts...to no avail.


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