McFatty Monday

I jumped on the McFatty Monday blog wagon. First, I am not going to post fatty pics because I am not trying to lose tons of weight, just get healthier. I will never be tiny. Second, I would like to be comfortable with myself and my clothes. This gluten free lifestyle I've been on for 8 months has kicked my butt. Yes, my stomach aches are GONE, and my migraines are better. Yes I gave up bread, cakes and normal cereal too! All of these are my favorites. But, gluten free has A LOT of sugar and fat in it to substitute for the gluten loss. My soy milk has lots of sugar and 4 grams of fat. That's a lot for a drink. So, now I am going to try to do healthy foods- meat, veggies, fruit, stay away from HIGH gluten products and slowly try to watch my weight, stomach aches and over all health by myself. Still, no bread, cakes or cereal as those were my severe pain contributors. It's going to be hard but I am trying. Did you know bouillon cubes are high gluten? Seriously, it's in everything! Besides changing my foods yet again, LOMA and I started working out last week.
Monday- Zumba class with Esther
Tuesday- cardio/weights
Thursday- cardio/weights
This is what I committed to already 100% with Fridays being an option if our schedules allow. Right now, 3 days is plenty with everything else I have going on.

So, that's my news in a nutshell. Dinner tonight? Salads- fat free ranch ,cheese, walnuts, cranberries with baked chicken. I will also start posting some totally delish recipes next week!

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