Whatcha Thinkin' Thursday?

* January is apparently baby month- first Addie, then my cousin gave birth to her first child-Gabrielle this morning. Also this week my other cousin will become a first time parent to a little boy who's name will not be revealed (even to his own mother) until his debut! That's 2 Chartier babies in a week! Yay, my Grandma is a great Grandmother!

* I'm ready for girls' weekend in Knoxville.

* I absolutely LOVE T's Auto Detail because my SUV looks amazing! Totally worth it, I squealed with glee as did Loma upon entering the car. There was a fun pattern vacuumed into my floor mats. (doesn't take much people) If you want his number, let me know. I was referred to him and I will be happy to refer others.

* Come on Spring break! woo-hoo

* If you are texting AND reading a magazine simultaneously while sitting on a piece of workout equipment you will be told on. Yep, I told. No point in you using the equipment as a chair while 2 people are waiting to use it. Believe me, I am no work out fan, but I am also not a fan of watching you text, smack your gum, and read while there is a wait for the machines.

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