Knoxville -10

Knoxville was tons of fun! We shopped Market Square and hit up all the cute boutiques, got pedicures at SoHo, ate a bunch of yummy food and caught up on the latest news. There was also a special appearance by some crazy Guidettes. In no particular order....

Fist Pumpin' began at 9pm haha (do not look at my pj moose bottoms)A special production by KPOWW and Sweet Sensation (I look so hideous, huh!) We had rollers under our hair for the "bump" look and used make up from Sephora samples.
Our production crew, look at my big orange head!!!!

The Blondies-Beth and Natalie

The Brunette's- Sister Sarah and Me

Beth got an awesome camera from Santa so we practiced using it downtown. Here are some candid fun shots we took downtown.

Hear no Evil, See no Evil, speak no Evil

Walking like models

Jumpin' for joy

Just call me Air Jordan, guess I can jump okay We had TONS of fun together as usual. :o) Thanks for a fabulous weekend, girls! Who's hosting next?

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